About us:

The Biggar Albion Foundation Ltd was an offshoot of the Biggar Museum Trust.  It was founded by the late Brian Lambie, MBE, FRSA in around 1993 and became an independent organisation in 2001.  We run the Biggar Rally annually in August and this is our primary source of funding at present.  We have an extensive archive of Albion-related documents, photographs and records and our museum has several Albion vehicles, sectioned engines, gearboxes and models.  Coming soon, we will have display equipment to enable the visitor to enjoy all of our images and some fascinating films.


Mission Statement:

To advance and promote the education of the general public, and in particular the inhabitants of Biggar and District, without distinction of gender, sexual orientation, or of political, religious or other opinions, by associating voluntary organisations, local authorities and other bodies of whatever status together with the inhabitants in a common effort to establish a Museum, to be called the Albion Museum, which the Company intends to achieve by means of:-
a) bringing together, holding, adequately housing, conserving and documenting a Collection of specimens being of historical, artistic or scientific importance, and in respect of which there will be a strong presumption against the subsequent disposal of any item;
b) stimulating public interest in the Museum as a focal point of education and of historic, artistic or scientific interest, thereby improving the facilities available for general public amenity and education;
c) displaying and publicising the Collection for the public benefit; permitting access to research workers and school children, always providing that the safety and security of the Collection are not thereby endangered; permitting with similar safeguards the loan of any Specimen for exhibition or research;
d) promoting and assisting in the collating and recording of historical, ethnological, archaeological, biological, geological or other related information appropriate to the purpose of the Museum

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